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Do you or your child have a heart defect that requires a procedure called extracardiac conduit–total cavopulmonary connection (EC-TCPC)? This study is evaluating the effectiveness of a new type of graft called a tissue-engineered vascular graft for EC-TPC. Participants of this study will have this procedure and several follow-up assessments with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to test the performance of the graft. This study takes place in Columbus, Ohio.
All Ages
Are you 65 years old or older, and do you have severe primary mitral regurgitation? This condition — also called degenerative mitral regurgitation — happens when there is a problem with the mitral valve itself or its supporting tissue, leading to a leaky valve. This study is comparing the safety and effectiveness of two different ways of repairing the mitral valve: transcatheter edge-to-edge repair and surgical repair. To participate in this study, your healthcare provider must determine that you are a candidate for both mitral valve transcatheter edge-to-edge repair and surgical repair. This study takes place in multiple locations across the United States and Canada.
Older Adult