Researchers with the Haiti CVD Cohort are shown, from left to right: Margaret McNairy, M.D.,  Jean Pierre Lookens, M.D., Jean Pape, M.D., and Vanessa Rouzier, M.D.
Research Feature
People living in Haiti have long been known for their resilience – through political turmoil, natural disasters, and harrowing poverty. Looming health problems also affect many of the 11 million residents who call this Latin American country home. Almost 1 in 3 adults, including many under 30, in Port-au-Prince, Haiti's capital, have high blood...
A man takes a daytime nap on a couch in a living room.
NHLBI in the Press
Among a study of more than 3,200 adults living in Spain, shorter, power naps were linked with a greater chance for having lower blood pressure, while longer naps were associated with increased cardiovascular disease risks.
Callout - Asthma - Asthma in Our Communities
Asthma in Our Communities
Sarah Acs Fri, 05/12/2023 - 12:47
Asthma in Our Communities fact sheet
Fact sheet

Learn how asthma disproportionately affects different communities and steps for managing asthma.