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October 21, 2013

NHLBI investigator among three NIH scientists elected to Institute of Medicine

Three scientists at the National Institutes of Health have been elected members of the Institute of Medicine. Election to the IOM is considered one of the highest honors in the fields of health and medicine and recognizes individuals who have demonstrated outstanding professional achievement and commitment to service.

October 18, 2013

Women's Health Initiative reaffirms use of short-term hormone replacement therapy for younger women

Investigators from the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) Hormone Trials are reaffirming conclusions that hormone therapy is not recommended for the prevention of chronic disease, but may remain a reasonable option for the short-term management of menopausal symptoms for younger women. Investigators reached this conclusion after reviewing data from the trial and the extended post-trial follow up period.

September 26, 2013

NIH launches new centers to accelerate lab innovations to improve public health

The National Institutes of Health has launched a major initiative to improve how basic science advances and discoveries are translated into commercially viable products that improve patient care and advance public health. The NIH Centers for Accelerated Innovations (NCAIs), funded by the NHLBI, will target technologies to improve the diagnosis, treatment, management, and prevention of heart, lung, blood, and sleep disorders and diseases.

a photo of a normal mouse and genetically modified mTOR mouse
August 29, 2013

Single gene change increases mouse lifespan by 20 percent

By lowering the expression of a single gene, researchers at the National Institutes of Health have extended the average lifespan of a group of mice by about 20 percent. The research team targeted a gene called mTOR, which is involved in metabolism and energy balance, and may be connected with the increased lifespan associated with caloric restriction.

a photo of a child getting her tonsils examined
May 21, 2013

Tonsil surgery improves some behaviors in children with sleep apnea syndrome

Children with sleep apnea syndrome who have their tonsils and adenoids removed sleep better, are less restless and impulsive, and report a generally better quality of life, finds a new study funded by the National Institutes of Health. However, the study found cognitive abilities did not improve compared with children who did not have surgery, and researchers say the findings don’t mean surgery is an automatic first choice.

A photo of a doctor listening to a child's heart
May 8, 2013

NIH statement on Asthma Month 2013

For Asthma Awareness Month 2013, the National Institutes of Health stands with the international community to renew our dedication to improving the quality of life for the estimated 300 million people living with asthma worldwide. To most effectively manage asthma, we need to address the disproportionate impact of the disease on minorities and families at or below the poverty line. NIH is committed to reducing asthma disparities and improving asthma control for all who live with the disease.

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