Training Highlights from the Jackson Heart Study

Collage of African American people.


The Jackson Heart Study prepares students from underrepresented racial and ethnic groups, especially African Americans, to pursue biomedical careers. Students willing to participate in the study may do so through the SLAM (Science, Language Arts, and Mathematics) program at the high school level or as JHS Scholars at the undergraduate or postgraduate level. College undergraduate- and graduate-level trainees can benefit from additional research funds known as diversity supplements, which enable principal investigators who hold NHLBI grants or contracts to mentor the trainees on a variety of projects.

See how past and current trainees have benefited from JHS career training and education.

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Jackson Heart profile of Faren White
Long before graduating high school, Faren White had been thinking about a career in health, thanks to a program of the Jackson Heart Study called SLAM, short...
Jackson Heart profile of Jared Taylor
Jared Taylor, M.D., knew as a high school student that he wanted to pursue a career in health care and serve the Jackson, Mississippi community where he grew up...
Jackson Heart profile of Marshala Lee
When she became a Jackson Heart Study scholar in 2003, Marshala Lee, M.D., M.P.H., quickly found herself immersed in some of the most troubling health issues of...