Total Artificial Heart
Total Artificial Heart

Total Artificial Heart Who May Benefit from a Total Artificial Heart?


You may benefit from a total artificial heart (TAH) if you have advanced heart failure caused by ventricles that no longer pump blood sufficiently and other treatments have not worked. Your doctor may also recommend a TAH while you wait for a heart transplant.

The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) approved the TAH device as a bridge to a transplant. TAHs help keep people with this type of heart failure alive while they wait for a heart transplant. In addition, artificial hearts have been given to a few patients as part of clinical research. Researchers are working on TAH devices that can be used as alternative treatments for adults who are not eligible for a transplant.

Who may not be eligible to get a TAH?

Your doctor will likely not recommend a TAH if you:

  • Are too small, as the device may be too large to fit in the chests of children and some adults 
  • Can benefit from other treatments, including medicines
  • Have heart failure on only one side of your heart and could benefit from a ventricular assist device instead
  • Cannot take anticlotting medicines, which are required as long as the TAH is in place
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