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Awake at the Wheel Brochure for Students

The Awake at the Wheel Campaign consists of materials for students and teachers designed to help young people make wise choices about sleep in general, and drowsy driving in particular. The Student Brochure and the accompanying Teacher’s Guide cover the following topics:

1. Dear Student Letter
2. Top 5 Reasons To Get Enough Sleep
3. Feeling Sleepy? Here’s Why
4. What Would You Do?
5. You Should Know....
6. Opinion Poll
7. Wake Up Call (self-quiz)

Other materials for the campaign include the following print advertisements:

1. On Your Mark, Get Set...Sleep!
2. Zzzzz - How Much Is Enough?
3. Why Johnny Can’t Stay Awake in Class

Item No.: 55-790N
Availability: PDF (201 kb) (Information about file types)
Format: Publications produced by non-NHLBI organizations : Color
Page Count: 4 pages
Subject: Sleep-Sleep and Youth
Audience: Health Professionals and General Public
Language: English
Size: 8.5 X 11 in.
Date of Publication: 1997