Lymphopenia Causes and Risk Factors

What raises your risk of lymphopenia?

Your risk of lymphopenia is higher if you have one of the diseases, conditions, or factors that can cause a low lymphocyte count. These conditions can be acquired or inherited.

  • "Inherited" means your parents passed the genes for the condition on to you.
  • "Acquired" means you aren't born with the condition, but you develop it.

Inherited conditions that can lead to lymphopenia

Acquired conditions that can lead to lymphopenia 

Can you prevent lymphopenia?

You may be able to prevent some types of lymphopenia by getting treatment for and managing medical conditions, following a healthy diet, and avoiding drinking too much alcohol.

There is no way to prevent lymphopenia that’s caused by an inherited condition. You can take steps to manage your condition and lower your risk for complications such as infections.

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