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Lesson 1: Introduction to We Can!

Four girls jumping rope

Slide 1:

We Can! (Ways to Enhance Children's Activity and Nutrition)

A National Education Program Working with Parents and Caregivers to Address the Growing Problem of Overweight in Our Nation's Youth

Slide 2:

What is We Can!

  • A healthy weight education program
  • For families and communities
  • Based on science
  • With national media
  • And classes for youth

Slide 3:

It’s time for We Can! now

  • National data show alarming rates in:
    • Overweight and obesity in children and adults
    • 12.6 million children are now overweight
  • Serious health problems
    • Heart disease
    • Asthma
    • High blood pressure
    • Type 2 diabete

Slide 4:

Why the increase?

  • Multiple Causes
    • Lifestyle, environment, and genes
  • Bottom Line = ENERGY BALANCE (calories and physical activity)
    • More calories consumed
      • Larger food portions and sizes
      • Eating out more frequently
      • Increases in soda, pizza, and candy consumption
    • Fewer calories being used up
      • Declines in physical activity
      • Increases in sedentary lifestyle and screen time
        • Computers and television time

Slide 5:

Why parents and caregivers?

  • You are great role models!
  • You are the boss at home!
  • You provide critical support

Slide 6:

The basics of We Can!

  • A 4-lesson program… focusing on "energy balance"
  • Through three topics:
    • Smart nutrition
    • Physical activity
    • Screen time (TV, computer, video)
  • We Can! specific objectives:
    • Healthier foods in the home
    • Enjoy small portions at home and at restaurants
    • Limit foods and beverages high in fat and added sugar
    • Increase family fun with physical activity
    • Reduce screen time
  • Not a weight loss program

Slide 7:

What can We Can! do for you?

  • We hope you’ll walk away with:
    • Strategies and tools
    • Ways to be an example
    • Resources for the future
  • And we hope you’ll enjoy learning together!

Slide 8:

Any questions? Your thoughts?

Last Updated: February 13, 2013