Appendix: Family Health Journal


Five Senses

These are my 5 senses:

My senses help me learn, grow, and discover new things.


These are my favorite GO foods:

I eat GO foods anytime because they help me grow and feel good!

Fabulous Fruits

My favorite fruits are:

Eating a variety of healthy foods gives my body important nutrients.

Move to the Beat

This is how I like to move:

Being active helps my heart and body stay healthy!

Energy Balance

This is my favorite GO snack and my favorite way to be active:

Eating healthy foods gives me energy to play!

I Love My Veggies!

Here is a rainbow salad:

Eating vegetables every day helps my family stay healthy!

Perfect Portions

My favorite meal includes:

A healthy meal includes fruits and vegetables, starches, and protein!

Dem Bones

These are my healthy bones:

Dancing, jumping, and being active helps my bones become stronger!

Healthy Beverages

Here I am drinking water:

Water and low-fat milk helps my body feel good!!

Smart Sleep!

This is how I get ready for bed:

Getting a good night’s sleep helps me learn and play all day.

Family Meal

When I eat with my family, I like to:

Preparing family meals together is fun!

The End!

My Healthy Family:

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NIH Publication No. 13-7818
April 2013

Last Updated: November 8, 2013