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National & Corporate Partners

Two boys wearing goggles and capes

We Can!® is proud to work with a variety of partners and supporting groups to help improve the health of America's youth by teaching families healthy habits, including how to improve their nutrition, increase physical activity, and reduce screen time (both TV and computer).

The goal of the We Can! partnership is to build collaborations around preventive strategies and outreach efforts, as well as to leverage resources and communication channels to disseminate We Can! messages and materials to parents, caregivers, and youth ages 8–13 across the United States.

National and local organizations and corporations play a critical role in the effort to prevent obesity not only through their in-kind contributions and sponsorship at the local level, but also by spreading the We Can! message through their extensive networks.

We invite federal agencies, professional societies, community organizations, private industry, health care organizations, the media, and others to strengthen efforts to help prevent childhood obesity and improve the health of America's youth through participation in this effort.

National and Corporate Partners participate in We Can! on a variety of fronts with a significant commitment of resources and activity. Their efforts are extensive, and they receive numerous benefits, including:

  • Receiving recognition as they join the trans-NIH national We Can! program
  • Receiving We Can! resources for partners, including a Partner Kit with template media materials and PowerPoint presentation for use at organizational meetings/conferences, electronic reproducible resources for parents and youth, and permission to personalize them for distribution
  • Bringing relevant resources and core messages together under the We Can! umbrella
  • Extending outreach channels and experiencing additional synergy through We Can! communication channels
  • Recognition as a partner in We Can!-related media materials, on the We Can! website, and in other communication vehicles as appropriate
  • Receiving informational updates on We Can! program planning and implementation
  • Collaborating on the local level with We Can! community sites and participate in community events; receiving recognition in pertinent related media materials

We invite you to become a national or corporate partner. Or, if it’s more appropriate, you can also partner with We Can! by becoming a community site. You make want to take a look at what it takes to become a community site, too.

Last Updated: February 13, 2013