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Resources for We Can!® Cities and Counties

Two boys wearing goggles and capes

The following resources are available for We Can! Cities and Counties. They include tools ranging from sample talking points to a template for a letter of commitment and a city/county proclamation. Contact us at nhlbiinfo@nhlbi.nih.gov with questions.

Sample We Can! City/County Letter of Commitmentmicrosoft word document icon (30 KB)
Use this template to develop a letter of commitment to be signed and submitted to the National Institutes of Health by your mayor or county executive. Feel free to adapt the language to best fit your community, but be sure to keep the language related to programming requirements intact.

Sample We Can! City/County Proclamationmicrosoft word document icon (145 KB)
Invite your mayor or county executive to use this proclamation to formally announce participation in the We Can! City/County program.

Sample Talking Points for City & County Leadersmicrosoft word document icon (40 KB)
These talking points can be offered to mayors, county executives, or other municipal leaders who may be participating in a We Can! City/County kickoff, or other public event.

Sample We Can! City/County Press Releasemicrosoft word document icon (43 KB)
This press release can be adapted to alert local media of your official designation as a We Can! City or County.

We Can! City/County Road sign
Each We Can! City or County will receive one complimentary road sign (24" x 34") upon official designation as a We Can! City or County by NIH. Here’s what they look like (these images are for reference only):

City Sign

County Sign

Last Updated: February 13, 2013