We Can!® City: Pembroke, Georgia


As the fifth municipality in Georgia to join the We Can! City/County program, Pembroke is helping to pave the way for the We Can! movement that is sweeping the state. By working closely with local partners and other We Can! Cities and Counties in the area, Pembroke is helping its residents to "make the healthy choice the easy choice." Several of Pembroke's We Can! efforts are in conjunction with the Coastal Health District, which is "home" to several We Can! Cities and Counties, including the cities of Pembroke, Savannah, Woodbine, and Brunswick, and McIntosh County.

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Key Successess and Programming

Having joined the We Can! program in December 2009, Pembroke is off to a running start! The city offers the We Can! Energize Our Families: Parent Program curriculum to community residents at two locations: Lanier Primary School and Richmond Hill. For curriculum instructors, Pembroke teamed up with the Health Sciences Department at Armstrong Atlantic State University (AASU) to offer internship opportunities for students in the Health Sciences degree program. Trained student interns—referred to as "public health ambassadors" in Pembroke's We Can! program—lead participants in the Parent Program.

The partnership between AASU and Pembroke benefits both the Health Sciences students at the University, as well as Pembroke's We Can! program. For example, students who participate in the internship are able to gain public health field experience in their community. Additionally, by having students serve as curriculum instructors, Pembroke is able to utilize the students' help and offer a few Parent Program classes to the city residents.

Pembroke is also planning to implement the Media–Smart Youth® curriculum through a local partnership with the county's afterschool programming coordinator. With support and encouragement from the Coastal Health District, the future is bright for Pembroke's successes with the We Can! program.

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The City of Pembroke works with several community partners to spread We Can!'s message of healthy living. In addition to partnering with Armstrong Atlantic State University on the curricula component of We Can!, Pemboke also works with community partners, including UGA Cooperative Extension and Bryan County Board of Education.

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The Coastal Health District also works in partnership with Pembroke. Home to five We Can! Cities and Counties, the Coastal Health District is the driving force behind the rapid spread of We Can! in Eastern Georgia. In fact, its goal is to have a We Can! City and/or County in each of the areas it serves. The Coastal Health District plays an integral role in We Can! on both a local and regional level. From forming partnerships with community organizations and convincing local officials on the need for We Can! programming, to hosting a We Can! regional training, the Coastal Health District is an active contributor to Pembroke's, and others', We Can! efforts and successes.

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Outreach & Events

Stay tuned to hear more about Pembroke's continued outreach and We Can! events!

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Contact Information

For additional contact information‚ send an email to nhlbiinfo@nhlbi.nih.gov.

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Last Updated: February 13, 2013