Training the Trainer: The Best Way to Get the Most Out of We Can!

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Posted February 3‚ 2010

If you’ve ever attended a We Can! training‚ you know it’s much more than just PowerPoint slides and printed handouts.

At We Can! regional trainings‚ you can network with We Can! site leaders who have pioneered innovative ways to tailor and run the program in their communities. This format provides you with the opportunity to ask them as many questions as you wish.

Trainer at We Can! regional training

This year‚ community leaders and others who are interested in learning all about the We Can! program and its many resources are in luck. Thanks to a partnership between We Can! and SUBWAY® restaurants‚ there are more trainings than ever before.

“In 2010‚ we look forward to further expanding our program to community leaders across the U.S. through nine regional trainings that will teach participants how to use our science–based‚ turn–key‚ flexible resources to promote healthy lifestyles for parents and youth‚” said Karen Donato‚ S.M.‚ coordinator of Overweight and Obesity Research Applications‚ National Heart‚ Lung‚ and Blood Institute.

In addition to teaching participants how to adapt the program to various audiences‚ these trainings will instruct trainees on the following‚ and much more:

  • Identifying and reaching out to partners
  • Integrating We Can! into existing programming
  • Promoting their childhood obesity prevention programming

Participants will also have the opportunity to network with others who are in the field of childhood obesity prevention.

Here are just a few of our training dates for the new decade—stay tuned for more!

  • Smyrna‚ Georgia: February 24–25‚ 2010
  • Eugene‚ Oregon: March 16–17‚ 2010
  • Augusta‚ Maine: April 8–10‚ 2010
  • Stuart‚ Florida: April 21–22‚ 2010
  • Pittsburgh‚ Pennsylvania: April 27–28‚ 2010

To register for these trainings or see additional ones‚ visit the We Can! training page. As we confirm dates and locations for additional trainings‚ we will post them. Please check back frequently to see if a training is coming to a location near you.

Last Updated: February 13, 2013