Big Green Company Hops Aboard the We Can!® Movement

Girl running while flying kite

Posted November 12, 2009

Step aside silly rabbit—Charley's here!

Charley, the BIG GREEN RABBIT, that is.

Children jump with Charley the Big Green Rabbit

Fresh from distributing nearly 150 pounds of organic carrots to kids in the Rockies, winning four Heartland Emmy awards, and earning a Parents Choice Award from the nation's oldest nonprofit consumer guide to children's media, Charley the BIG GREEN RABBIT is jumping from the TV screen into the We Can! movement.

The BIG GREEN RABBIT is one of PBS's newest television shows for kids. The series stars Charley, a stuffed plush animal that comes to life as the walking, talking BIG GREEN RABBIT thanks to the vivid imagination of his best friend, Isabelle. Each episode contains several catchy, animated music videos designed to inspire children at home to stand up and dance. A study conducted on the pilot episode ("What is a Calorie?") indicates that a young child may burn between 40 and 80 calories by dancing along to the music in a half-hour episode.

Big Green Company logo featuring the word BIG over a picture of a field of daisies

The Big Green Company will use its animation expertise to spread We Can!'s messages, and as a result, Charley will be doing a newly created song and dance especially for We Can! and kids across America. Big Green Company is dedicating an entire episode to helping kids learn the fundamentals of maintaining a healthy weight. Stay tuned for more!

Last Updated: February 13, 2013