Soccer Star to Score Big for Three We Can!® Communities

Girl running while flying kite

July 18, 2009

Making it to an Olympic team is no small feat.

And when it comes to his turn as an Olympian, it was Tab Ramos’s feet that lead to that feat.

Ramos, a former member of the U.S. Olympic soccer team, has turned from using his foot to send a soccer ball soaring past the goalie into the net, to using the Spanish language to score on behalf of We Can!.


Thanks to an NHLBI partnership with SUBWAY® Restaurants, Ramos will be visiting three We Can! locations this fall. We Can! community sites in Atlanta, Houston, and San Diego are working to create events during which Ramos can talk to the local Latino community—including hundreds of youth—about We Can!, in Spanish.

As you may recall, Ramos already participated in extensive public outreach at a National P.E.P. (Play More, Eat Right, and Push Away the Screen) Rally in Washington, DC, in March. By speaking to the Spanish-language media then, he spread We Can! messages to millions of Spanish speakers across the U.S. and beyond. Learn more about that rally.

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Last Updated: February 13, 2013