ODS Inspires a Healthier Oregon with We Can!®

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Posted April 13, 2012

We Can! national partner ODS Health (ODS) provides medical and dental health coverage to a variety of statewide organizations based in Oregon. As a company that is interested in the well-being of its members and their families, ODS partnered with We Can! to teach employees and community members about health and wellness as it relates to maintaining a healthy weight.

ODS shares We Can! information in a variety of settings�from a free dental clinic to monthly wellness events and conferences.

ODS recently participated in Mission of Mercy. an annual, free statewide dental clinic that services over 2,700 children and adults. There, ODS provided We Can! resources in take-home bags including a variety of tip and fact sheets such "GO, SLOW, and WHOA Foods"pdf document icon (106 KB), "Secrets to Making Healthy and Fun School Lunches,"pdf document icon (85 KB) and "Making Healthier Food Choices"pdf document icon (1.3 MB).

We Can! and ODS work together to teach parents and children about nutrition We Can! and ODS work together to teach parents and children about nutrition.

ODS has found that the bright colors and easy-to-read format of the We Can! materials helps attract the community members to the information at the dental clinics. "The materials can be used for all audiences and populations because you don't always have to be able to read the words, you can get the meaning from the pictures," says Karis Stoudamire-Phillips, a supervisor for ODS's Wellness and Community Relations Department.

In addition to participating in these clinics, in March 2012, ODS and their client, OEA Choice Trust collaborated to host a wellness conference for school employees. ODS displayed an information booth to share the We Can! tip sheets mentioned above and presented We Can! messaging during a breakout session. Attendees learned about the importance of increased physical activity, healthier nutrition, and limited screen time to overcome the childhood obesity epidemic.

The ODS booth for wellness conferences incorporates We Can! materials. The ODS booth for wellness conferences incorporates We Can! materials.

Conference attendees also brought their children, who prepared and tasted healthy snacks from recipes featured in the Keep the Beat�/We Can! Deliciously Healthy Family Meals cookbookpdf document iconexternal disclaimer (8.7 MB).

Stoudamire-Phillips commented on the popularity of We Can! materials at events like this, saying, "We Can! is a wonderful compliment to our programs. Participants just love them�it's something different, it's cutting edge from what other providers are doing. It also gives us the opportunity to show that ODS cares about our insured and their families."

Last Updated: February 13, 2013