We Can!® Combines Family and Fun in Knoxville!

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Posted February 24, 2012

The Knoxville Area Coalition for Childhood Obesity joined We Can! in 2009 as a City/County site. Since then, the coalition has partnered with 81 individuals, representing more than 30 community organizations, dedicated to making Knoxville, Tennessee one of the fittest cities for children.

In 2011, the coalition received a We Can! Community Assistance Award and has continued to flourish ever since. The coalition is currently planning the 3rd annual luncheon where members and elected officials will meet to review 2011 and discuss plans for this year's work. The coalition is sure to discuss how to make their popular "Family Fun Nights" even better in future years.

The Family Fun Nights are held once a month at East Knox County Elementary School. Senior undergraduate students from the Department of Nutrition at the University of Tennessee implement CATCH® and get kids moving, while Marsha Spence, Assistant Director of the Public Health Nutrition Program, helps to run the We Can! Energize Our Families: Parent Program for parents and teachers.

All families with children in the elementary school are invited to participate. Family Fun Nights include educational components taken from We Can! curricula, active games to encourage increased physical activity, and nutritious snacks for participants.

"In past events, individuals participated in jump roping, basketball, hula hooping, and kick ball in the school gym," Stevens said. "We have added yoga as an option, too."

This year We Can! provided The Knoxville Area Coalition on Childhood Obesity with a 2012 Community Assistance Award to continue its great work with families in the community. Stay tuned to hear how this year's fun-filled We Can! programming is promoting healthy habits all across Knoxville.

Last Updated: February 13, 2013