We Can! and NHLBI Logos

Transcript of Flash animation:

(Slow, moody, music plays.  There is a dark grey background.)

America faces a serious public health crisis.

Overweight has more than tripled among youth and adolescents since 1980.

(Map of the United States displayed.  Chart overlays the map; depicts growth of overweight from 5% in 1980 to 17% in 2004.)

This problem touches millions of families across the country…
…How does obesity affect the health of families in your community?

(Chart fades while map of the United States fills with graphical representations of families.)

Being overweight increases children’s risk for:
High Blood Pressure
Type 2 Diabetes
Sleep Apnea

(Image of inactive children seated on a couch eating popcorn.)

Being overweight may also lead to:
Low self-esteem
Poor body image

(Background begins to fade to lighter blue.  Image of girl insecurely staring in mirror.)

Parents and families CAN have a major impact on shaping the behavior of children...

(Music becomes faster, more upbeat, and happy.  Background fades to light blue.  Images of a woman walking with a girl in the woods and of a man assisting a boy swing a baseball bat.)

We Can! Can Help!
We Can! is a science-based national education program from the National Institutes of Health.
We Can!  focuses on educating parents, caregivers and youth about improved food choices, increased physical activity and reduced screen time. 

(Blank screen with text only.)

500+ We Can! communities are already helping parents and children make healthier choices nationwide.

(Music continues to play as a image of a map of the United States fills with graphical representations of  the 500+ communities participating in the We Can! program across the country.)

We Can! sites include:
Schools and Universities
Park and Recreation Departments
Hospitals and Healthcare Systems
Community-Based Organizations
State & Local Health Departments

(Two images of two young boys playing in a playground, and a third image of a female instructor sitting at a table, in a classroom, going  over a brochure with a mother and her son.)

We Can! offers flexible, turn-key resources to help your community learn how to maintain a healthy weight.

(Images of We Can! resources.)

(Two Images on the top right, of children, with the saying “Who Can Make it happen?” overlaying the image, and a third image of the Community toolkit in the bottom right-hand corner.)

 We Can! will enable your community to:
Collaborate with community stakeholders across the country.
Learn from other community groups.
Mobilize your community for action!

(Two images of four women at a We Can! community site, and another image of two adolescent girls outdoors at a We Can! community site. Music continues.)

Join the We Can! Community by becoming a We Can! site.
Visit the We Can! Web site for free materials:
or call: 1-866-35-WeCan

(Images of a girl cooking and the free parent handbook.  Logos for the Department of Health and Human Services and the National Institutes of Health.  Music ends.)