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Activities and Events

Ongoing activities to support the Stay in Circulation campaign are aimed at increasing awareness of P.A.D. and include:

  • National and Local Partnership Development. Stay in Circulation has partnered with national, nonprofit, community-based, and private sector organizations to raise awareness about P.A.D. among their constituents. Many of these partners, such as the African Methodist Episcopal Church and the National Council on Aging, have hosted P.A.D. awareness seminars and distributed Stay in Circulation materials to their members. During Stay in Circulation Week in the month of September, a number of local partners held screening events in their communities.
  • Education and Outreach to Health Care Providers. Through the P.A.D. Coalition, the Stay in Circulation campaign helps ensure that health care providers who treat those at risk for P.A.D. have the materials and resources needed to talk to their patients about P.A.D. and what steps they can take to lower their risk.
  • National and Local Media Outreach include the placement of feature articles in African American and Hispanic publications, a satellite media tour for television and radio outlets, the distribution of public service announcements, a partnership with Readers' Digest Large Print Edition, and ongoing outreach to national and local publications.

Get Involved with the Campaign
The Community Action Tool Kit serves as a resource for campaign partners to support Stay in Circulation activities. It includes event ideas, media tips, and customizable resources to support your efforts to raise P.A.D. awareness.

Download the Community Action Tool Kit

Join us! Find Out How You Can Become a Campaign Partner
Stay in Circulation partners participate in the campaign in a variety of ways—from hosting P.A.D. screenings to distributing Stay in Circulation campaign materials. All of our partners are part of the national effort to help Americans learn about P.A.D.