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Stay in Circulation Week

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Each year, the third week in September marks the observance of Stay in Circulation Week.  Stay in Circulation: Take Steps to Learn About P.A.D. is a national campaign to increase public and health care provider awareness of peripheral arterial disease (P.A.D.). 

To maintain Stay in Circulation Week as a nationwide movement, we need your help!  Events and activities at the community level are key to reaching Americans over age 50 with the message that P.A.D. is a serious, but treatable disease.  Your efforts will help support the national campaign and bring it to life in local communities nationwide.

The materials here are intended to provide your organization with ideas, tools, and resources to plan and implement local Stay in Circulation Week activities.  While the focus of these materials is on Stay in Circulation Week, many of the components included here can be adapted and used throughout the year.  The Stay in Circulation campaign also has a Community Action Tool Kit for implementing this September and beyond.

Most of the Stay in Circulation Week materials and tactics provided in this packet are designed for quick and easy implementation.  However, because organizations may have varying levels of staff support and available resources, a few more ambitious activity ideas are also provided.  These activities are noted throughout with an asterisk. 

Suggested Events and Activities for Stay in Circulation Week

Specific Stay in Circulation Week event ideas are provided for each weekday from Monday through Friday.  This section also includes suggestions for how promotional items can be used. 

Customizable Stay in Circulation Week Materials

This section includes customizable materials that your organization can tailor and adapt for use in promoting your organization’s activities during Stay in Circulation Week.   Materials in this section include:

Additional media guidance and media materials are included in the Media Outreach Materials.

Stay in Circulation Week—Activity Feedback Form

Please use the feedback form to share your successes and provide valuable feedback.  The information you provide will help inform plans for future campaign efforts.

Additional Resources

Stay in Circulation Promotional Items—Files and Production Specs

Art files and corresponding production instructions for the following Stay in Circulation promotional items are available: 

  • Stay in Circulation stickers
  • Giant purple foot step floor decals and accompanying display poster (poster will have space allocated for your organization to add event dates/locations/local information)
  • Stay in Circulation banner
  • Stay in Circulation note cards
  • Stay in Circulation artwork for T-shirts

These items are designed to be cost-efficient to produce.  They can be used during Stay in Circulation Week and beyond. 

* May require longer planning time.

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