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Customizable Radio Script

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A “live read” public service announcement or PSA is a script with no sound effects or music that is read out loud by a disc jockey or program host during his or her program.  Live reads are often used to promote local events and happenings.  In this section you’ll find a customizable script for the purposes of promoting Stay in Circulation Week events in your community. 

Tips for Pitching a Live-Read Script

  • Localize the script by adding your organization’s phone number, Web site, and printing it on your organization's letterhead.
  • Type the script in uppercase type and double-space it for ease of reading.
  • Send a copy of the PSA script to public service directors at your local radio stations.  Include a short, one-page cover note about the Stay in Circulation campaign, the relevance of P.A.D. to the station’s listeners, and what your organization is doing in the community during Stay in Circulation Week.  (See the sample newsletter article and media alert for language to use in your letter.)

DID YOU KNOW THAT 8 to 12 million Americans OVER AGE 50 are living with a disease that affects their legs, and raises their risk of heart attack and stroke?  It’s called peripheral arterial disease, or P-A-D. 

P-A-D develops when LEG arteries become clogged with plaque—fatty deposits that limit blood flow TO the legs.  It’s caused by the same risk factors that lead to heart disease.  Just like clogged arteries in the heart, clogged arteries in the legs RAISE THE RISK OF heart attack AND stroke.

To learn more about P-A-D and TO find out what you can do to reduce your risk, [Insert Organization name] is hosting a series of events DURING STAY IN CIRCULATION WEEK, [INSERT SPECIFIC DATES] here in [insert city/town].  This is part of a national campaign sponsored by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, and in cooperation with the P-A-D Coalition. 

To find out ABOUT STAY IN CIRCULATION WEEK ACTIVITIES HAPPENING IN YOUR AREA, go to [insert Organization Web address here] or call [Insert Organization number] for a full schedule of events.  That’s [insert Organization Web address here]. 

LEARN ABOUT P-A-D. AND what you can do to stay in circulation by visiting www.about 

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