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Community Action Tool Kit
Sample Stay in Circulation Event Planning Checklist

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Before the Event

_____ Determine your target audience(s) and the type of activity to plan.
_____ Determine what will constitute a successful Stay in Circulation event.
_____ Set up and host planning meetings with potential partners.
_____ Set a date and secure a venue for your activity.
_____ Plan your agenda.
_____ Invite and secure speakers.
_____ Prepare your promotional items such as flyers and posters.
_____ Make sure you have enough Stay in Circulation educational materials available. If you need more, you can download or order materials from
_____ Arrange for audiovisual and other equipment as needed.
_____ Prepare your media list and media tools. See Chapter 3.
_____ Mail flyers and posters and/or post them on community bulletin boards.
_____ Contact local media to alert them of your event and extend a personal invitation to attend.
_____ Pack and bring materials and supplies to the activity site.
_____ As early as possible, set up the room or area where the activity will take place.
_____ Consider developing a sign-in sheet or an informal participant feedback form to assess the event's effectiveness.

During the Event

_____ Greet participants, other guests, partners, and speakers. Ask them to sign in so you can track who came to your event.
_____ Make sure your attendees walk away with campaign materials and any other relevant information.
_____ Distribute participant feedback forms.
_____ Publicly thank your partners, speakers, and anyone else who helped plan the activity.

After the Event

_____ Followup on any special requests made during the activity.
_____ Send thank you letters to partners, speakers, media, and anyone else who helped you to plan or attended the activity or call to thank them.
_____ Look over the participant feedback forms and share results with your partners and anyone else who helped plan the activity.
_____ Share results with the media and ask them to write a followup article about the activity.

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