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Media Outreach Materials
Pitching Public Service Announcements (PSAs)

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Public service announcements can be an effective means of communication and education, as they increase awareness, reinforce positive beliefs, intensify personal concern, and move people to action.

About PSAs
PSAs are unpaid advertisements that publication or broadcast station directors work into their publication or programming schedule. They are commonly used to call attention to an issue, rather than to sell a product. Generally, PSAs are regarded as being more credible than paid advertisements. PSAs can be a cost-effective and efficient way to disseminate messages across a wide range of media outlets and to a wide audience. The Stay in Circulation PSA distribution list includes a variety of national and local media outlets that reflect the campaign's intended audience. Unlike paid advertisements, PSAs do not expire—many PSA directors will keep PSAs on hand and run them repeatedly over the course of many months.

National Pre-Launch PSA Distribution
As part of the Stay in Circulation campaign, one print PSA and three radio PSAs (including one in Spanish) were produced and distributed nationwide to raise awareness about P.A.D. and to encourage Americans to talk to their health care providers to see if they are at risk for the disease. The PSAs have been designed to be used throughout the life of the campaign.

Local Post-Launch PSA Followup
Your organization can help support the national distribution of the campaign PSAs by reaching out to PSA directors in your communities. By urging PSA directors to run the Stay in Circulation spots, you will be demonstrating a need in the community for more information about P.A.D. To assist you with this outreach, included in this section is a customizable pitch letter for you to send to PSA directors in your area. Upon request, you can receive the list of print outlets and radio stations in your community/market that received the PSAs.

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