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[Insert Organization] to Host [Insert event name] as Part of Effort to
Spread the Word about Peripheral Arterial Disease (P.A.D.)

One in 20 Adults Over Age 50 has P.A.D.—A Disease that Raises the Risk of Heart Attack and Stroke

WHAT: [Insert Organization name] is hosting [insert event name] to [insert one or two lines highlighting the purpose/goals of your event/activity.]. [Insert event name] is part of the national Stay in Circulation campaign, which aims to increase public and health care provider awareness of P.A.D., a condition that develops when arteries in the legs become clogged with plaque, limiting the flow of blood to the legs.
WHO: [Insert any local dignitaries, celebrities, or prominent figures, including titles, or a short description of the Organization.]
WHEN: [Insert date and time of the event.]
WHERE: [Insert address (and telephone number, if applicable) where the event will take place.]
WHY: In the United States, more than eight million Americans suffer from P.A.D.—hardening of the arteries (also known as "atherosclerosis") in the limbs, often the legs. P.A.D. is caused by the same risk factors that lead to heart disease. People who are at risk for P.A.D. include anyone over the age of 50, especially African Americans; those who smoke or have smoked; and those who have diabetes, high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, or a personal or family history of vascular disease, heart attack, or stroke. P.A.D. is a common and treatable disease that is on the rise among midlife and older Americans. However, it is still largely unknown, often unrecognized, and regarded by many as an inevitable consequence of aging. Without timely detection and treatment, P.A.D. can lower the quality of life and reduce mobility by making walking difficult, or worse, increase the risk of heart attack, stroke, leg amputation, and even death.

Stay in Circulation: Take Steps to Learn About P.A.D. is a national awareness campaign to increase public and health care provider awareness about peripheral arterial disease (P.A.D.) and its association with other cardiovascular diseases. The campaign is sponsored by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute—part of the National Institutes of Health, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services—in cooperation with the P.A.D. Coalition, an alliance of national organizations and professional societies united to improve the health and health care of people with P.A.D. For more information, visit

CONTACT: [Insert local media contact name, phone number, and/or Organization Web site.]


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