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R01 HL075792
Comprehensive Magnetic Resonance in P.A.D.

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Principal Investigator: Christopher Kramer, M.D.
University of Virginia
Charlottesville, VA

Men and women, ages 30 - 85, with decreased blood flow to the legs (peripheral arterial disease or P.A.D.) may participate in a research study testing new MRI imaging techniques in the study of atherosclerosis in the leg arteries and its effect on blood flow and energy stores in the leg muscles. The study will involve an overnight stay with an MRI upon admission and another just prior to discharge, lab testing of cholesterol levels and other blood markers, a walk test, and a treadmill test. Patients will then be treated with medication(s) that lowers cholesterol and asked to return yearly for to repeat the studies to assess changes in all of these measures.

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