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Infographic: 28 Days to a Healthy Heart

Infographic: 28 Days to a Healthy Heart. Share your success with #MyHeart28 on
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Share your success with #MyHeart28

Day 1: Squat it out. Do 1 minute of squats.

Day 2: Make a heart healthy snack for the Big Game.

Day 3: Sign up for our National Wear Red Day Thunderclap!

Day 4: Schedule your annual physical.

Day 5: Visit to take the first step in quitting smoking.

Day 6: Make today a salt-free day. Use herbs for flavor instead of salt.

Day 7: Sport red today for National Wear Red Day.

Day 8: Go for the gold! Walk an extra 15 minutes today.

Day 9: Plan your menu for the week with heart healthy recipes.

Day 10: Aim for 30 minutes of physical activity today.

Day 11: Calculate your body mass index (BMI).

Day 12: Share your favorite inspirational quote with The Heart Truth®.

Day 13: Give the elevator a day off and take the stairs.

Day 14: Protect your sweetheart's heart: Plan a heart healthy date.

Day 15: Saturday Night Fever! Dance to your favorite song.

Day 16: Stress less. Practice mindful meditation for 10 minutes.

Day 17: Give Meatless Monday a try.

Day 18: Add a stretch break to your calendar to increase your flexibility.

Day 19: Swap the sweets for a piece of fruit for dessert.

Day 20: Share a funny video or joke that makes you laugh.

Day 21: Head to bed with enough time to get a full 8 hours of sleep.

Day 22: Call three relatives and ask about your family health history.

Day 23: Do 3 jumping jacks for every U.S. Gold Medal!

Day 24: Take out a tape measure and find out the size of your waist.

Day 25: March in place for 3 minutes to get your heart going.

Day 26: Make half of your lunch and dinner plates vegetables.

Day 27: See how many push-ups you can do in one minute.

Day 28: Pay it forward and tell a friend about The Heart Truth.

Last Updated: March 13, 2014

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