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COPD on the Road in Arizona

Image of Scott Cerreta

Scott Cerreta is leading a program to educate healthcare providers about COPD in remote areas of Arizona.

Scott D. Cerreta, B.S., R.R.T, has cared for respiratory patients in many locations throughout his career.  Serving in the U.S. Navy as a respiratory therapist and hospital corpsman, he treated patients as far away as Italy.  Now, as the COPD Provider Educator for the American Lung Association of Arizona (ALAA), Cerreta is once again taking COPD outreach “on the road”, heading up a program to educate doctors, nurses, and respiratory therapists in remote areas of Arizona about diagnosis and treatment of the disease.

Funded by the Arizona Department of Health Service Office of Chronic Disease Prevention and Nutrition Services, the effort is part of the ALAA’s Breathe Free program.  Cerreta and his team will offer two-day courses designed to raise awareness of COPD, promote early detection of the disease through use of spirometry, and educate healthcare providers and patients about the dangers of tobacco smoke and environmental exposures.  Cerreta has incorporated COPD Learn More Breathe Better® fact sheets and resource kit materials into the course.  There is no fee to attend the program, which launched this month.

“Healthcare providers usually have to leave the city or even the state to attend advanced training courses,” Cerreta said.  “In this program, we will do the traveling, not the busy practitioner,” he added.  The outreach effort will span 16 counties where the prevalence of COPD and tobacco use is at its highest.

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