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Millions with COPD

Watch our radio PSA come to life and share on social media as we raise our voices for the millions with COPD who can't.

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Radio PSAs

Millions with COPD :60
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Millions with COPD :30
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Print PSA and 11" x 17" Poster

Fall 2010 PSA Campaign Poster

Download high resolution PDF* PDF (504KB)
Download low resolution screen PDF* PDF (512KB)

The print PSA is now also available in several sizes for use with your local papers. For more information, click here.

Poster/Print PSA reads:


Are your lungs trying to tell you something?

If you're struggling for air, listen to your lungs—it could be COPD. See your doctor right away. With early diagnosis and treatment, this serious lung disease can be managed so you can breathe better and enjoy life more.

Print PSAs have been resized for your use!

For your convenience, these print PSAs are available in different sizes, in color and in black and white, as listed below. Files are available as high resolution/press PDFs which can be sent directly to the publication. Original source files can also be requested if additional customization is needed. Customization must be limited to adding your logo and/or modifying the size to better fit the publication specification. Please limit resizing to within 10% of available height to width ratios. Customized ads are subject to approval by NHLBI.

To request these files, please send an email to

The following sizes were created in typical magazine sizes and are suitable for color printing in magazines and/or publications using a coated stock.

4.625" x 4.8729" (third page square)
7"x 4.875" (half page horizontal)
7" x 10" (full page)
8.5" x 11" (full page)

Black and white
The following sizes were created in typical newspaper and tabloid sizes and are suitable for black and white printing in both newsprint and black and white publications.

4.25" x 7" (quarter page vertical, tabloid)
6.4375" x 10.5" (quarter page vertical, broadsheet)
9.5" x 6.625" (half page horizontal, tabloid)
9.5" x 14" (full page, tabloid)


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