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Country Stampede, Manhattan, Kansas

Video Transcript


BG: My name is Bob Garrett I'm a Respiratory Therapist and a Pulmonary Technologist at Mercy Regional Health Center here in Manhattan, Kansas. I'm here today and over the weekend here to do spirometries here at the Country Stampede.

WOMAN 1: I've been diagnosed with COPD since 2002 so it was kind of cool to come in and take a test again to see exactly what the lung capacity is. At one point in time I was in a wheelchair because I couldn't walk because of the oxygen not going through my system. And now today I'm not in a wheelchair and I can walk around.

WOMAN 2: No I did not know anything about COPD before I came into your room today. I learned that I had great lung capacity. That I didn't know that I had before. I have 99% so I'm very excited about that.

WOMAN 3: A friend mine had been diagnosed with COPD and I did not know what it was and then I've seen a bunch of your people walking around with the black COPD bags. So I thought I'd walk up and see it was about.

WOMAN 4: I actually am a Registered Nurse so I stopped by the COPD tent just because obviously in nursing we deal with it a lot and I was curious what it would be doing in a setting like this. It was kind of intriguing because I'm sure there's a lot of people here that either smoke or are around second hand smoke. My husband is a smoker so I'm around it, so I was very curious to see what they had going on what kind of tests they could do.

BG: What we did here this weekend is we did over 700 spirometry tests on people who probably normally wouldn't do this test. We had a lot of people who came in and they said oh I get short of breath because I'm out of shape or things like that. And then we start doing the test and we start seeing issues like decreased flow, decreased volume and things that can be an issue. Now they may not be having problems now but down the line there is the probability that they are going to be affected by some sort of lung disease such as COPD.

WOMAN 3: I learned that it's not only caused from smoking, that there are other things in the air that can cause COPD. I thought the spirometry test was pretty cool how you tested for it. I liked how you had to do it 3 times to make sure it was legitimate.

WOMAN 2: And one of our friends that came with us she did the COPD, the COPD test as well and her lung capacity was only at 78 she grew up in a house full of smokers, and she smokes herself. But after she had the test she was like wow, she's only 25 years old and she has a 78%.

WOMAN 1: It's great to have the COPD tent out here because it brings the awareness for everybody else out there that doesn't know what COPD stands for as well as what it, what it means to people that have it.

MAN: For the public health it's a great idea because it does give people that aren't aware or people that have been smoking that might not know how diminished their lung capacity is.

WOMAN 2: I think it's awesome that you guys come around to the music festivals and teach people and educate them because like I said my friend had no idea what hers was, I had no idea what mine was, what my score was.

BG: Doing them here at Country Stampede is really kind of a neat atmosphere. We've never, I've never seen it anywhere else. We've done them in malls over a short period of time but doing them in this type of venue with this type of population is pretty amazing. I'm really happy for the turnout that we got because I feel like we made a difference. And that's important. And I said you know even if you just found one person whose numbers were bad and they took care of it you know it's worth it.