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Downtown Hoedown, Detroit, Michigan

Video Transcript

MS: Absolutely nothing. It's the first time I ever heard of it. I learned that it's invaluable, especially for smokers and nonsmokers, to get their lungs checked.

FS: I had two young people that came through that their grandfather just passed away last week from COPD. So it was really big for them. About half of the people I screened knew about it and half of them didn't.

FS: My dad passed away from COPD. And so I know a little bit more than I would like to. My mom's been diagnosed with it, as well. So it's a little bit disheartening. I do know quite a bit about it.

FS: A lot of people would say they have family members that maybe had COPD but really didn't know what it was or what the screening was for and what exactly we were doing.

FS: I did not know that COPD was what you called the shortness of breath and stuff like that. No. I knew I had the shortness of breath. But I did not know it was because of COPD.

FS: It takes a few tries, but generally it's not a difficult test. It just-- you've got to get the hang of it.

MS: Well, at first I was a little nervous about it. But then again, once I did it and found out the results, I'm really pleased with the results.

FS: I know there was one gentleman that the spirometry said he may have a restriction. And he was not a smoker. But he was around smoke, and then he worked around chemicals and dust. And he was a younger guy. He was about in his 30s.

MS: I learned a lot because I just found out that I've got lungs like a 93-year-old man because I've been smoking.

FS: Yes, I am a smoker. And my results-- the main thing that shocked me was that my lungs are like a 90-year-old. And I'm 55.

FS: Even the people who scored in normal range were surprised that their lungs weren't even better than what their scores showed they were.

MS: I definitely would tell my friends, especially two young ladies, they definitely need to stop smoking.

FS: I have several family members, several friends, that I've been trying to promote the nonsmoking. And I will definitely be informing them of their ways to be checked out so they can prevent having to have this. Because it's a terrible thing to go through.

MS: Well, like I said, it's a long road ahead. But I'm sure I'm going to push and try to go over there and quit smoking.

FS: I recommend to everybody to go get tested. It's really important. You don't know what kind of health you're in if you don't get checked out.

FS: The key is getting screened early, not smoking, and a healthy lifestyle.