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Country Thunder, Florence, AZ, Spirometry Testing

Video Transcript


MS: So I'm going to ask

you 5 basic questions about you and your lungs. The first one, during the past 4 weeks how much of the time did you feel short of breath? None of the time, a little, some of the time, most or all the time? Total lung score is a 3. Anything less than 5 would be a lower risk category but because you do use tobacco and you're still smoking you're at a much greater risk especially as you get older. So what we're going to do today is have you blow into a spirometer, it's going to measure your current lung function.

DEBBIE: OK. Alright.

FS: Take as much air into your lungs as you possibly can, one big breath in, you're going to put your mouth around the mouthpiece, teeth around there, put your mouth around the mouthpiece and blast it out, it's real important that we measure not only the first second but all 6 seconds, Okay? Okay ready?


FS: Same thing. Deep breath now blast it out, keep going, keep going, keep going, keep going Debbie, keep going, keep going, keep
going, push, keep going, a little more, a little more, a little more, keep blowing, keep blowing, keep blowing, push it more, push it more, almost there, all right.

According to today under these conditions your forced expiratory volume in the whole 6 seconds was about 3.4 liters per second which is 95% of what they predict for your age, height, and gender. The lung age is that it's showing is 51 years, 51 year lung age.

DEBBIE: Hi my name is Debbie. I'm here at Country Thunder and I'm at the Country Conquers COPD booth here to raise awareness about COPD.

FS: For more information about Country Conquers COPD visit us online at COPD.NHLBI.NIH.GOV.