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Country Thunder, Florence, AZ, Interview

Video Transcript

FS: My father had COPD. He had to do breathing treatments. I don't remember it seems like it was 4 or 5 times a day it was pretty frequent that he had to do those.

I help teach seniors and both my parents suffered from this.

I have a good friend that has COPD and emphysema.

I've got a sister that has some lung problems. Emphysema I guess is what it is.

MS: Well an ex-girlfriend of mine had been diagnosed with COPD, heavy smoker, and a diabetic as well. The easiest way to put it, she sound like an old Ford in the morning starting up, coughing, hacking, (cough noises), every morning yeah it was bad. Then coughing and spitting up the nasty phlegm and stuff.

Well I know it, it can be a painful death. I knew a guy who had COPD and struggled breathing.

FS:I'd heard of it, but I didn't know what it was exactly.

MS: My lungs are better than I thought they were, I'm an ex smoker of 20 years.

FS: 1 to 2% of people who have COPD have it genetically so that was kind of like a "oh that's an eye opener for me".

Talk to their doctor if they have any problems with breathing. I would say not smoke, my problem was being around smoke, 2nd hand smoke, I never smoked myself but I was around a lot of smoke, and so I owned a bar and restaurant for 4 years, you've just got to be more aware of it.

FS: Well my daughter did the test and that wasn't good. I tried to get her to quit smoking with me.

MS: I didn't know you had to blow in the tube there and stuff like that, the test. The test was a, a little difficult though.

FS: No it was easy except man blowing that long. (laughs)

MS: How long would you say it took?

FS: Not that long, just a few minutes.

FS: 3 blows in the little machine and it went really fast and instantaneous results, it was great.

MS: For me trying to do was rough. I felt dizzy. Yeah.

FS: But was it a pretty simple test?

MS: Oh yeah it was easy.

FS: And painless?

MS: Painless, absolutely painless.

FS: Well it went okay. But when I was a teenager I smoked and I think I paid a little bit for that.

Well because just seeing my friend and her problems with her lungs you'd just, she's just always out of breath and she just, it curtails your life.

When you get old and you can't breathe and watch some of these folks walking around with their little oxygen tanks and think about being tied to one of those is not a pleasant experience.

Well I definitely think the sooner they can be diagnosed the better. Like I said my dad, I don't think got diagnosed early enough. It was hard in his later years, he couldn't breathe. It got to a point where he had to be on oxygen. It was just not a pretty sight.

MS: The more you can you know about your situation, your body, your health the better off you are.

FS: When I see the devastation of what happens considering how many people die from it every year you bet, I think this campaign's brilliant.