Anemia Anemia in Pregnancy

Anemia, especially iron-deficiency anemia, is common during pregnancy. Your body makes more blood to support your baby’s growth during this time. As a result, you need more iron and other nutrients, and to help you get them, you will be asked to take prenatal vitamins. If you don’t get enough of these nutrients while pregnant, you may feel weak or more tired than usual.

Because all women are at risk for anemia during pregnancy, your doctor will do blood tests to check for the condition at different stages in your pregnancy.

Anemia in pregnancy is preventable and treatable. Your doctor may recommend a supplement in addition to your prenatal vitamins. Serious or untreated anemia in pregnancy can cause the following complications:

  • Preterm labor
  • Increased blood loss during delivery
  • Low birthweight
  • Anemia and developmental delays in your baby

If you had significant anemia during your pregnancy, your doctor may screen your newborn for anemia.

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