Sickle Cell Disease Videos

These videos feature patients talking about living with sickle cell disease and NHLBI researchers discussing their work to advance research and improve patients’ lives.

Sickle Cell Research Directions: Advancing Toward a Widely Available Cure
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NHLBI researchers and staff discuss sickle cell disease advances and how they are paving the way for successful treatments, and eventually a cure. (Published in 2017)

Investing in a Cure for Sickle Cell Disease
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Lakshmanan Krishnamurti, M.D., discusses how the NHLBI’s focus on and investment in sickle cell disease research brings researchers together to make a difference. (Published in 2016)


Improving Quality of Life Through Sickle Cell Research
- Sickle Cell Disease Videos

Marsha J. Treadwell, Ph.D., discusses how pain management research funded by the NHLBI helps improve the quality of life for patients who have sickle cell disease. (Published in 2016)


Making a Difference Around the World Through Sickle Cell Research
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Michael R. DeBaun, M.D., M.P.H., discusses how research funded by the NHLBI and the National Institutes of Health aims to help children with sickle cell disease live stroke free by 2025. (Published in 2016)

Changing Patient Expectations Through Sickle Cell Research
- Sickle Cell Disease Videos

Shalini Shenoy, M.D., discusses how research funded by the NHLBI helps patients who have sickle cell disease lead longer, more gratifying lives. (Published in 2016)

Sickle Cell Science: Path to Progress Webinar Series
- Sickle Cell Disease Videos

This webinar series highlights research findings and ongoing activities related to sickle cell disease research. (Published in 2019)





This webinar highlights how NHLBI is working to bring innovations to people affected by sickle cell disease across the globe.


This webinar provides an overview of genetic therapies — what they are, how they work, and how they may be able to prevent or treat diseases. It also highlights activities of the Cure Sickle Cell Initiative, an NHLBI-led collaborative research effort to accelerate the development of genetic therapies to cure sickle cell disease. And you’ll hear a patient's perspective of participating in clinical trials and the importance of safe and widely available cures.

This webinar highlights research findings from various NHLBI-funded studies and evaluates bone marrow transplant therapies for sickle cell disease.

This webinar covers current evidence-based best practices and ongoing research designed to improve the care of patients with sickle cell disease in emergency departments. The session is cosponsored by the HHS Office of Minority Health and the American College of Emergency Physicians.