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#OurHearts is an inspiring way for The Heart Truth® to get people across the country to join together with friends, family, coworkers and others in their community to prevent heart disease.

Learn how you and your friends and family can be heart-healthy together

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Learn about heart disease and ways you can protect your heart — such as moving more, eating a healthy diet, quitting smoking, and sleeping better.

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Studies show that having positive, close relationships benefits your heart health. Find #OurHearts resources to share with your community to get heart-healthy together.

Watch this video and get inspired about ways you can work on your heart health with friends and family. Love it? Share it on social media and tag your squad!

Share these Twitter posts to get others to join the #OurHearts movement with you — then share what you do together!
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Let's keep #OurHearts healthy year-round by helping each other. Social support makes sticking with healthy lifestyle habits easier. Tag someone who helps you stay heart healthy!

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Research shows that having social support makes being heart-healthy easier.  Use #OurHearts to share what you, your partner, or your squad are doing to be heart-healthy together!

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#OurHearts are Healthier Together State to State

Use #OurHearts in your Instagram and Twitter posts to join others across the nation who are committed to being heart-healthy together. Posts will show up as hearts  on the map. 


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