The Heart Truth® Healthy Hearts Network

Illustration of various diverse hands with hearts. Text reads: Healthy Hearts Network.

The Heart Truth® program is supported by a robust network of public and private organizations committed to promoting heart health through outreach, research, and social and digital media. These organizations represent national organizations with local affiliates, state and federal agencies, and academic, civic, and nonprofit institutions with a demonstrated interest in heart health.

Healthy Hearts Network partners amplify the messages of The Heart Truth® initiatives and extends the reach of NHLBI’s research information and programs into local communities across the country.

The Network:

  • Helps drive outreach efforts to increase awareness of heart disease and its risk factors;
  • Increases the understanding that heart disease is largely preventable; and
  • Encourages people to take heart-healthy actions.


Partner Spotlight


Drs. Gaston and Porter standing with NHLBI Director Dr. Gibbons at the Healthy Hearts Award ceremony.

Circles of Healing: Helping Vulnerable Women in the Prime of Their Lives



A black woman walking up mountain trail with other women behind her.

GirlTrek: Empowering Women to Get Healthy, One Step at a Time