Best Practices for Working with Media

Media may include your local newspaper, radio, or TV station. Often, email will be the first step in your outreach.

Keep in mind the following tips when reaching out to members of the media:

  • Tailor your email to the specific media outlet and reference why their audience should care about the topic. Examples include the impact in your state or community, an activity at a local organization or health care facility, or mention of a recent story that may be relevant.
  • Share data if you can. Use our talking points. Data can open the door to a larger conversation. This includes how many people in your state or region are affected by COPD. Take a look at the state shareables for specifics on the number of people diagnosed across the United States.
  • Offer a person willing to be interviewed. This can help clear the first hurdle for placing a story and offer a local angle.
  • Reporters often value already prepared content, such as pre-drafted quotes or developed materials like a PSA.
  • Follow-ups with the media outlet or reporter are generally appreciated.