About American Heart Month: Ways to Get Involved

Each February, NHLBI and The Heart Truth® celebrate American Heart Month by motivating Americans to adopt healthy lifestyles to prevent heart disease. Research shows that we're more successful at meeting personal health goals when we join forces with others.

That's why we're asking you to join the #OurHearts movement--a national initiative to encourage people to be heart healthy together.

Get Involved!

Share what we post to The Heart Truth Facebook and Twitter accounts or create your own!  This year, our weekly themes include:





Be physically active together

Share how you’re moving more with others. Have walking meetings. Start a walking club with your church group. Join an exercise class with a neighbor. Share on social media!


Eat healthier together

Share heart healthy recipes with friends. Go grocery shopping with your family for healthy ingredients. Make a heart healthy meal for a potluck. Share on social media!


Track your heart health stats together

Remind each other to keep a log of your blood pressure, healthy weight goals, and physical activity. Share on social media!


Manage stress, sleep better, and quit smoking together

Use your support “squad” to remind each other to stick to the same bedtime every night. Do a stress reducing activity like yoga or meditation together. Tell a friend you’re quitting smoking and ask for their support. Share on social media!

For other ideas on how to spread heart health messages, read our fact sheet

25 Ways to Take Part in Heart Month


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