Get to Know the COPD National Action Plan

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COPD National Action Plan

Find details about the National Action Plan’s 5 Goals for fighting COPD.
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COPD National Action Plan At-A-Glance

Get a quick overview of the National Action Plan’s purpose and goals.

Promote the National Action Plan with your audiences

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Fact Sheet

Distribute the fact sheet at conferences, professional meetings, community events, or appointments with patients.
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Use this presentation or specific slides during meetings, conferences, or webinars.
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Outreach Toolkit

Get tips on working with the media, talking points, sample newsletter and blog text, and sample social media posts.
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National Action Plan Video

Get a quick overview of COPD’s impact on the United States and the goals of the National Action Plan and share this video with others.
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Promotional videos for specific audiences

Share these short videos with targeted audiences to help them identify the National Action Plan goals they can support.
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Social Media Resources

Share these resources across your social media channels to promote awareness about COPD amoung your followers.

More about COPD

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Understand COPD

Learn about COPD’s causes, symptoms, treatments, and more.
Two women

How the lungs work

Learn more about how the lungs work, our role in research and clinical trials to improve health, and where to find information.
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