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Training Others to Lead PACE

Using the materials available on this website, you can also learn how to host your own Train the Trainers (TTT) session in order to train others who can then implement the PACE program for their colleagues.  A TTT session lasts 1 � days and reviews the PACE curriculum and case presentations in detail, as well as teaching strategies that can be used to improve physician interaction during the seminars.  Additional modules include instruction in organizing the seminar, recruiting physicians to attend the seminar, methods for evaluating the success of the seminar, and addressing common questions.  After the TTT session, the newly trained faculty will be able to present their own two-day PACE seminars.

Sample TTT Agenda

Day 1:  Program Run Through

Segment 1:  Clinical Aspects of Asthma and Long Term Treatment Plan
  • Discussion of Program Cases
  • Communication Strategies

Segment 2:

  • Patient Education Messages .Video
  • Discussion of Participant Cases
  • Asthma Reimbursement Strategies

Day 2:  Coaching and Logistics

Videotaped Coaching:  Volunteer presenters

  • Clinical Aspects of Asthma and Long Term Treatment Plan
  • Detailed Discussion of Program Cases
  • Communication Strategies
  • Reimbursement Strategies


  • Review of Educational Materials
  • Organizing the Seminar
  • Communicating with Faculty
  • Recruiting participants
  • Common Questions
  • Evaluating Success


In addition to the resources for PACE sessions, you may find the following presentations to be useful components of the TTT sessions:

  PowerPoint icon Presentation on Recruitment (PowerPoint file, 56 K):  uses case studies and group discussion to identify effective recruitment strategies

  PowerPoint icon Presentation on Facilitation Tips (PowerPoint file, 36 K):  provides general facilitation tips as well as tips and guidelines to each group discussion in PACE

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