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Resources and Publications

Asthma Publications

Asthma & Physical Activity in the School

Image of the cover of Asthma & Physical Activity in the School

This easy-to-read booklet is perfect for teachers, coaches, and families who want to help students with asthma take part in sports and physical activities. Discusses how to help students control their asthma and follow an asthma action plan. Also explains how to manage asthma triggers, ensure students have access to their asthma medicines, recognize worsening asthma symptoms and take action, and modify activities based on a child's asthma status. Includes sample asthma action plans and information about using a peak flow meter, metered-dose inhaler, and dry powder inhaler.

Asthma Care Quick Reference: Diagnosing and Managing Asthma

Image of the cover of the Asthma Care Quick Reference

The purpose of the Asthma Care Quick Reference Guide is to improve the quality of care and outcomes for people who have asthma by providing health care providers with the tools and information they need to carry out each of the key steps in appropriately diagnosing, treating, and providing long-term follow-up to people with asthma. Its streamlined easy-use format provides condensed charts and bulleted lists that present a detailed yet readable summary of the current clinical recommendations from the Expert Panel Report 3: Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Management of Asthma, along with practical tips for educating patients.

Asthma Tip Sheets

Image of the cover of the Asthma Tip Sheets

These easy-to-read guides are perfect for patients, caregivers, educators, and health care professionals. Step-by-step tip sheets provide instructions for proper use and cleaning of common asthma devices, including dry powder inhalers, metered-dose inhalers with spacers, nebulizers, and peak flow meters. Additionally, an informative guide to asthma triggers describes ways to reduce exposure to triggers, including indoor and outdoor allergens and irritants. These resources are printable and patient-friendly, which makes them an essential addition to any asthma resource library.
Also available in Spanish.

So You Have Asthma

Image of the cover of So You Have Asthma

This guide provides the latest information on asthma management. In an easy-to-read format, it describes asthma symptoms, the latest treatments, and ways to monitor and keep your asthma under control. It also offers tools and step-by-step guidance for monitoring your asthma, using a peak flow meter, controlling your triggers, taking your medicines, and communicating with your health care professionals to make asthma management a part of your everyday life. The guide also offers an asthma action plan, an asthma assessment checklist, and a list of information resources to learn more about asthma.

NACI Publications

National Asthma Control Initiative: Keeping Airways Open - Take Action: Stop Asthma Today! What You Can Do, NOW

Image of the cover of the NACI Action Guide

Who can make the difference between a life controlled by asthma, and a life where asthma is under control? This 12-page booklet provides anyone with an interest in asthma with an action guide built around the NACI's 6 priority action messages that will enable patients to manage their care, clinicians to treat their asthma patients effectively, and others to contribute to the effort to better manage asthma.

National Asthma Control Initiative: Keeping Airways Open - Fact Sheet

Image of the cover of the NACI Fact Sheet

A 2-page summary of the National Asthma Control Initiative (NACI). The NACI is an initiative to engage diverse stakeholders who are concerned about or involved in improving asthma control. Its ultimate aim is to bring the asthma care that patients receive in line with evidence-based recommendations from two reports published by the NAEPP: the Expert Panel Report 3 and its companion Guidelines Implementation Panel Report. The NACI is bringing together organizations to share best practices, pool and direct resources, and identify new directions and learning opportunities.

National Asthma Control Initiative: Keeping Airways Open - Putting the Guidlines Implementation Panel Report in Motion

Image of the cover of the NACI Plan of Action

An expanded summary of how the NACI is bringing together organizations from local, state, regional, and national levels so that they can share best practices, pool and direct resources, and identify new directions and learning opportunities.

Latino Asthma Resources

Guías sobre el asma/Asthma Tip Sheets

Image of the cover of the Spanish Asthma Tip Sheets

Estas guías de información sobre el asma, sencillas y fáciles de leer, son ideales para usarlas con pacientes, padres de familia y personas que proveen cuidado de niños, así como también la puede usar los profesionales en salud. Cada guía explica los pasos a seguir para el uso correcto y la limpieza de los aparatos que comúnmente se usan para tratar el asma, incluyendo los inhaladores de polvo seco, el inhalador de dosis medida con espaciador, el nebulizador, y el medidor de flujo máximo. También, la guía sobre los factores desencadenantes del asma describe las formas de reducir el contacto con desencadenantes tales como los irritantes y alérgenos que se encuentran en ambientes interiores y exteriores. Estos recursos son fáciles de copiar y muy adecuados para los pacientes; lo cual los hace valiosos para incluir en su repertorio de materiales sobre el asma.

Respirar es vida/A Breath of Life

(Video in Spanish with English subtitles)

Vea el video Respirar es vida y mire cómo los padres de José forman su equipo de cuidados del asma para controlar el asma del niño. Los padres de José, la doctora, la enfermera, la promotora, la maestra, la enfermera de la escuela y el entrenador colaboran con José para ayudarle a controlar el asma. El video está en español, con subtítulos en inglés y en español, y se divide en 4 partes:

  1. El asma y cómo controlarla
  2. Cómo usar el inhalador
  3. El plan de acción para el control del asma
  4. Los factores desencadenantes del asma

Profesionales de la salud y promotores pueden usar el video para enseñar a padres de familia y a personas que cuidan niños acerca del asma. Para obtener ideas acerca de cómo usar el video, utilice la guía bilingüe "Cómo usar con los padres el video Respirar es vida: el control del asma en nuestros niños" y las hojas de trabajo para los padres "Inhalar" y "Exhalar".


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