Will the NHLBI fund my project?

You can contact the NHLBI Innovation and Commercialization Office (I&C) for assistance in determining if your application is appropriate for the NHLBI, for answers to questions regarding the application process, or for clarification on SBIR/STTR policy.

See the HHS Program Descriptions and Research Topics document for a complete list of the National Institutes of Health (including the NHLBI), Centers for Disease Control, and Food and Drug Administration SBIR/STTR program descriptions and research topics.

Can I get advice on my project before I submit an NHLBI SBIR/STTR application?

If you want advice on whether a proposed project fits into the NHLBI mission, please submit a ONE-PAGE summary of your project through the NHLBI Small Biz Inquiry Form.

Generally, the abstract and specific aims are sufficient.

What do I need to do to apply for NHLBI Small Business Program funding?

To learn more about applying for funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), including what forms are necessary, important deadlines, a general timeline, and guidelines for tracking your application through the process, please visit SBIR/STTR to Apply.

Where can I find more information about policies, eligibility, and application submission for the NIH Small Business Program?

NIH has a comprehensive FAQ with answers to SBIR/STTR policy, eligibility, and application questions. It includes answers to common questions about how and what you need to apply, do to apply, what you need to submit to apply, budgets, foreign involvement, application scoring, and human and animal research, among other topics.

I already have SBIR/STTR funding through the NHLBI. Does the institute offer any other resources that can help advance my innovation?

The NHLBI Innovation and Commercialization Office (I&C) coordinates the institute’s Small Business Program and offers additional services and opportunities to SBIR/STTR awardees.

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