Policy on Reinstatement of Program Project (P01) Subprojects

Revised: July 19, 1999

At the request of the principal investigator of the P01, the principal investigator of the regular research grant (R01), and the applicant Institution, the NHLBI will reinstate into a P01 any subproject initially deleted from the P01 if all of the following conditions have been met.

  1. The P01 is in the first or second year of the project period.
  2. The subproject has been submitted as an R01 (not in response to an RFA or K-series grant).
  3. The scientific objectives of the R01 remain consistent with the major theme of the P01 grant.
  4. The R01 requested and approved direct costs are the same as, or lower than, those submitted in the P01 (subproject and associated core costs).
  5. The percentile is equal to or better than that used for the R01 official payline (at the Council for the competing R01).

If all of these conditions are met, the NHLBI will reinstate the R01 (and associated core costs) for funding for the same period of time that remains in the parent P01 grant. The investigators may include the reinstated R01 in the P01 base funding level when developing the amount for the competitive renewal application.