NIH/NHLBI Policy on Sharing of Model Organisms for Biomedical Research

February 2005

As of October 1, 2004, all NIH applications that plan to produce new, genetically modified variants of model organisms and related resources are expected to include a sharing plan or to state why such sharing is restricted or not possible. This policy includes grants, contracts, and SBIR and STTR grants. A brief overview of the implications of this policy change is presented below:

The adequacy of plans for sharing model organisms will be considered by reviewers when a competing application is evaluated. Reviewers will be asked to describe their assessment of the sharing plan in an administrative note and, normally, will not include their assessment in the overall priority score. For some special initiatives, such as Request for Applications and Request for Proposals specifically directed to the development of model organisms, reviewers may be asked to integrate their evaluation of the plan for sharing with other review criteria and factor their assessment into the overall evaluation of scientific merit.

Please note that a sharing plan must be in place before an award is made.

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