Allowable Requested Direct Costs for Program Project Grants (P01s)

National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute
National Institutes of Health

October 25, 2017

New, Renewal, and Resubmission Applications

New (Type 1) and Renewal (Type 2) Program Project Grant (P01) applications may request up to the PPG cap of $1,515,000 in direct costs (excluding first-tier subcontract Facilities and Administrative [F&A] costs) for each project year. PPG applications including an Early Stage Investigator (ESI) as a Project Leader may request up to $1,765,000 per year if at least four projects are included in the application. See PAR-18-405 (

For applications submitted in response to PAR-16-402, resubmission (A1) applications where the Renewal (A0) was submitted to an Application Due Date prior to January 25, 2017 may request up to the direct cost awarded for the last noncompetitive segment (consistent with policy in effect prior to the January 25, 2017 Application Due Date). No annual increases in noncompeting years may be requested. Equipment is included in the budget ceiling.