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Sleep and Circadian Rhythms in Cardiovascular Resilience: Mechanisms, Implications, and Applications

April 24 - 26 , 2024
Wednesday, April 24, 2024: 10:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. EDT
Friday, April 26, 2024: 10:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. EDT
Virtual Zoom Workshop


The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) is hosting a two-day virtual workshop titled “Sleep and Circadian Rhythms in Cardiovascular Resilience: Mechanisms, Implications, and Applications” on April 24 and 26, 2024. Experts spanning diverse fields, including vascular biology, cardiology, sleep medicine, and allied healthcare professions, will convene to share insights and expertise on the pivotal nexus of sleep and Cardiovascular (CV) health. Participants will engage in discourse surrounding the optimization of sleep quality, timing, and duration, alongside an exploration of innovative strategies to bolster CV health and resilience through targeted sleep interventions. A culminating roundtable discussion will afford speakers and attendees the opportunity to identify critical research gaps and identify opportunities for future collaborative endeavors.

NHLBI Objectives/Goals: 

  1. The relationship between sleep and CV health and resilience: Unraveling the intricate relationship between sleep and CV health and resilience, particularly the impact of sleep quality, timing, duration, and related disorders on CV risk factors and CV Diseases.
  2. The molecular mechanisms of sleep in CV resilience: Deciphering the molecular underpinnings of sleep in CV resilience, including the impact of sleep on metabolic health, inflammation, and immune function, and explore whether these mechanisms could serve as potential therapeutic targets for enhancing CV resilience.
  3. Sleep interventions for CV resilience: Exploring the opportunities of sleep interventions, both pharmacological and non-pharmacological, to improve CV health and resilience.
  4. Future directions in sleep and CV resilience research: Identifying research gaps in this area, promote the development of novel interventions and technologies, as well as the potential for personalized medicine and precision health approaches.

This workshop is open to the public and will be recorded. View the agenda and registration details. 

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Individuals requiring Sign Language Interpreters or other reasonable accommodations to facilitate their participation in this event are encouraged to contact the NHLBI Workshop Support Program at at least five (5) days prior to the commencement of the workshop.


For logistical questions or to request reasonable accommodations to participate in this event, email Workshop Coordinator: Deidre O’Neill at deidre.o' or ATTN: Deidre O’Neill at

For programmatic questions, email the NHLBI chairs: Dr. Yunling Gao at or Dr. Alfonso Alfini at