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NHLBI Workshop: The Promise of NHLBI Data Science

July 20 - 21, 2021
Virtual Workshop


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During this workshop, experts in big data, health, and computer science will provide early-, mid-, and late-stage investigators, as well as graduate students, opportunities to:

  1. Address knowledge gaps in understanding and utilizing NHLBI health datasets (e.g., BioData Catalyst)
  2. Understand the value of collaborations between domain experts and computer scientists, engineers, and statisticians 
  3. Participate in a needs assessment to ensure diverse participation in HLBS data science

Presenters will:

  • Discuss the role of datasets and data scientists using AI systems
  • Give an overview of the “Big Data” that have been generated from NHLBI observational cohort studies, registries, and repositories (e.g., BioLINCC, GenTAC), as well as basic science studies at NHLBI
  • Demonstrate use of novel data scientific methods and HLBS applications 
  • Provide guidance on becoming a NHLBI BioData Catalyst user, applying for cloud credits, and getting involved in the BioData Catalyst community 
  • Explore multiple aspects of machine learning, including its:
    • relevance to personalized healthcare
    • use with AI methods in visualizing and modelling complex imaging and clinical data
    • tools for synergistically mining complex data and prior knowledge
  • Describe synthesis and interpretation of data across scales, including genome-wide searches (GWS)
  • Illustrate the promise of NHLBI Data Science, using case studies as examples 
  • Explain the importance of diversity in STEM
  • Explore future needs and directions of data science in heart, lung, blood, and sleep research

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Day 1:

Day 2:



10:00 – 10:10 AM
Welcome and Opening Remarks
Gary Gibbons, M.D.
Director, National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute

10:10 – 10:20 AM
NHLBI Data Science Overview
David Goff, M.D., Ph.D.
Director, Division of Cardiovascular Sciences
National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute

10:20 – 10:45 AM 
Keynote Address: Trustworthy AI Systems and Role of Datasets & Data Scientists
Danda Rawat, Ph.D.
Director, Data Science and Cybersecurity Center (DSC2)
Professor, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Howard University

10:45 AM - 12:00 PM 
Presentations on Datasets:
Getting on NHLBI BioData Catalyst Powered by Seven Bridges
Dave Roberson, B.S.
Community Engagement Manager, Biomedical Research Platforms
Seven Bridges

Community Engagement for Biomedical Research Platforms Seven Bridges
Alison Leaf, Ph.D.
Senior Program Manager
Seven Bridges

12:00 - 1:00 PM
Presentation: NHLBI-Generated Clinical and Genomic Big Data: Identify available genomic and clinical National Heart, Lung, Blood & Sleep Institute datasets and submit data access requests for analysis in the cloud.
Sweta Ladwa, M.P.H., P.M.P.
Senior Scientific Program Manager, Information Technology and Application Center (ITAC)
National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute 

1:00 – 1:30 PM  
Lunch Break

1:30 – 5:30 PM

1:30 – 3:00 PM
Introduction to Genome-Wide Association Studies (GWAS) resources in BioData Catalyst
Beth Sheets, M.S.
Program Manager
UC Santa Cruz Genomics Institute

Fayuan Wen, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Associate
Howard University

3:00 – 4:00 PM
Open Discussion Time

4:00 – 4:45 PM
Getting Started on BioData Catalyst
Amber Voght
User Engagement Specialist
Renaissance Computing Institute at UNC (RENCI)

4:45 - 5:30 PM
Wrap-up Day 1: Data Challenges Across Multiple Datasets and Novel Computational Methods
Wendy Nilsen, Ph.D.
Program Director
Smart and Connected Health
Directorate for Computer & Information Science & Engineering
National Science Foundation


10:00AM - 1:00PM

10:00 - 10:30 AM
Plenary Address: Towards Machine Learning for Personalized Healthcare
Sanmi Koyejo, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

10:30 – 11:15 AM
Presentation: Application of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Methods in Visualizing and Modelling of Complex Imaging and Clinical Data
Xin Tian, Ph.D.
Mathematical Statistician, Division of Intramural Research
National, Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute

Li-Yueh Hsu, D.Sc.
Staff Scientist, Radiology and Imaging Sciences
Clinical Center, National Institutes of Health

11:15 AM – 12:00 PM
Presentation: Machine Learning Tools for Synergistically Mining Complex Data and Prior Knowledge
George Em Karniadakis, Ph.D.
Professor of Applied Mathematics, Center for Fluid Mechanics
Brown University

12:00 – 12:45 PM
Presentation: From Transcript to Tissue: Synthesis and Interpretation of Data Across Scales
Jay Humphrey, Ph.D.
John C. Malone Professor of Biomedical Engineering
Department Chair, Biomedical Engineering
Yale University

Presentation: Interpreting Results from Genome-wide Searches – Experiences from TOPMed
Ken Rice, Ph.D.
Professor, Department of Biostatistics
University of Washington

12:45 – 1:30 PM
Lunch Break

1:30 – 4:45 PM

1:30 – 3:00 PM
Case Study Presentations (BioData Catalyst Fellows)
Case Study 1 – Blood (genetic risk of allergic disease)
Michelle Daya, Ph.D.
University of Colorado Denver
Project: HLA and Genome-Wide Association Studies of Total Serum IgE Levels

Case Study 2 – Heart (atrial fibrillation)
Seung Hoan Choi, Ph.D.
Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard
Project: Genetic Architecture and Contribution of Rare Mutations to Atrial Fibrillation Risk

Case Study 3 – COPD (imaging phenotypes)
Dandi Qiao, Ph.D.
Brigham and Women’s Hospital
Project: Whole Genome-Sequencing Analyses of Imaging Phenotypes of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

Case Study 4 – Sickle Cell Disease (iron overload)
Fayuan Wen, Ph.D.
Howard University
Project: Association Study of Iron Overload in Sickle Cell Disease Population Using NHLBI WGS from TOPMed

3:00 – 3:30 PM
Plenary Address: National Science Board vision 2030 - The Importance of Diversity in STEM
Victor McCrary, Jr., Ph.D.
Vice President, Research and Graduate Programs, University of the District of Columbia
Chair, National Science Board

3:30 – 4:30PM
Panel Discussion: Future Needs and Directions of Data Science in HBLS Research
Jonathan Kaltman, M.D.
Senior Scientific Advisor/Lead in Data Science
National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute

Asif Rizwan, Ph.D.
Program Officer
Division of Blood Diseases and Resources
National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute

Colin Wu, Ph.D.
Program Officer/Math Statistician
Office of Biostatistics Research
National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute

4:30 – 4:45 PM        
Wrap Up for Organizers
Erin Iturriaga, D.N.P., M.S.N., R.N.
Program Officer/Clinical Trials Specialist
Atherothrombosis and Coronary Artery Disease Branch
Division of Cardiovascular Sciences
National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute

Select Speakers

Danda Rawat, Ph.D.
Howard University
Director, Data Science and Cybersecurity Center (DSC2) Professor, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Danda Rawat, Ph.D.
Sanmi, Koyejo, Ph.D.
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science
Sanmi, Koyejo, Ph.D.
photo of Victor McCrary, Jr., Ph.D.
National Science Board
Vice President, Research and Graduate Programs, University of the District of Columbia; Vice Chair, National Science Board
Victor McCrary, Jr., Ph.D.