3D rendering of cells in different colors

2019 NHLBI Mitochondrial Biology Symposium on Mitochondrial Networks and Energetics

September 26 - 27, 2019
NIH Campus - William H. Hatcher Conference Center (Bldg 45)


On September 26-27, 2019, experts from around the world will gather on the NIH Campus in Bethesda, Maryland to review advances in our understanding of how mitochondrial structure, function, and interactions within the cell contribute to diseases and aging; and to highlight recent progress made with animal models and therapeutic interventions. Please visit the event website for more details.

The Keynote Speaker is Vamsi K. Mootha, M.D. Dr. Mootha is a Professor of Systems Biology and Medicine at Harvard Medical School, an Investigator in the Department of Molecular Biology at Massachusetts General Hospital, and a member of the Broad Institute. A list of featured speakers is available on the symposium website.

The NHLBI Mitochondrial Biology Symposium is now accepting abstract submissions. Posters for abstracts selected by the Organizing Committee will be on display at the event, where colleagues and leaders in the fields of mitochondrial networks and energetics will be in attendance. Four abstracts will be chosen by the Organizing Committee for short talks. Investigators at all career stages are encouraged to submit abstracts. Detailed submission information is available on this webpage.