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The better we understand #OurHearts, the more we can take care of them. Learn how you and your friends, family, and coworkers can support each other to be heart healthy. Whether you live together, work together, or are miles apart, joining forces makes you stronger and will help you set and achieve your heart-health goals.



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Join the #OurHearts conversation on Twitter! Use the hashtag in your posts to show the steps you, your family, friends, colleagues, or others are taking to protect your heart. We’ll update this map each week in February to show where #OurHearts are tweeting in states across the country!

	 A map of the United States with all states shaded purple to indicate #OurHearts mentions. A heart icon is on California, Texas, Maryland, New York and Illinois indicating the states with the most mentions.

Legend icon to show States with no activityStates with no activity

Legend icon showing States with #OurHearts Twitter activityStates with #OurHearts Twitter activity

Legend icon showing States with the most #OurHearts Twitter activityStates with the most #OurHearts Twitter activity

When you tweet using the #OurHearts hashtag, you can get your state on the map! This map represents #OurHearts activity (purple) on Twitter only based on public accounts that have included the #OurHearts hashtag in a tweet. However, we encourage you to join the conversation across social media platforms!

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When we take care of #OurHearts and practice self-care, we set an example for those around us to do the same. Watch this video and get inspired about ways you can work on your heart health with the support of friends and family.


Our Hearts is an initiative to get people across the country to join together with friends, family, coworkers, and others in their

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