High blood pressure—also known as hypertension—is a major risk factor for heart disease. Young and middle aged women may think of high blood pressure as something that happens later in life, but high blood pressure can occur at any age and during pregnancy. Women should have their blood pressure checked at least once a year and talk to a health care provider about what their numbers mean for them.

Use these resources to encourage women to know their blood pressure numbers and learn ways to keep it under control.


Use these resources to learn more about high blood pressure, track your numbers, self-care, and more.

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About 35% of Hispanic/Latina women have high blood pressure.

  • The First Step: The right way to measure your blood pressure 
  • Black women and blood pressure 
  • Hispanic women and blood pressure 
  • Young women and blood pressure 
  • Pregnancy and blood pressure 


  • The Issue: High blood pressure and women 
  • The Signs: Self-care and knowing the possible warning signs 
  • Heart-Healthy Pregnancy Registry 
  • Preeclampsia 
  • Warning Signs of a Heart Problem During Pregnancy

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